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Soirée Carnalis is a social organization in Boston that hosts unique, safe, and sexually explorative parties. Consent and discretion are essential core values that define our group. We work to ensure that no member feels pressured or unsafe at our parties. Our members balance individuality and expression with elegance. We want to empower you to express yourself fully and freely while also giving space for others to do the same. SCB believes that sexuality is a fluid form of communication and therefore we encourage conversation, laughter, touch, and play all into the same environment. Soirée Carnalis events are not just swingers parties. Our play parties are open to many interpretations of intimacy and beauty. Beyond our play parties, other social meetups and events are hosted, including educational series and collaborations with local talent. 

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Sex Club Boston - SCB


In order to maintain the quality and safety of our parties, we screen every applicant before they can become a member. We take the privacy of our members seriously, and protect their names, photos, and identities. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy


Terms of Service, Membership Fees & Refund Policy

Monthly dues are mandatory, even our admins and owners pay monthly dues. Our monthly dues help to keep our club operating. They pay for the hotel rooms, supplies for the parties and website hosting costs. We do not keep any of the funds for ourselves.


Monthly $40
Quarterly (15% off) $102.00


Single Males: $75
Quarterly (15% off) $191.25

Single Females / Trans: $10
Quarterly (15% off) $25.50

Single Female Students (must show student ID): $5.00
Quarterly (15% off) $12.50

Please be sure to visit our "Terms of Service & Refund Policy"


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